Edward Blackwood

Foppish and laconic, he is the Camarilla Prince of the Jersey Shore and resides in Asbury Park.


Wow, this is definitely NOT what I was expecting regarding character generation. Most likely it’s not allowing specific chargen because of various copyright issues. Pretty much roll 8 dice for everything he does in-game.


Once known as Loki because he was very locquacious, now he’s laconic because of a curse upon his head. While attempting a rite which would’ve made him mortal again he discovered his sacrifice was no mere cat but a werecat who cursed him to age one year for every word he spoke over 2000 words a day. He already aged two years and has a secretary who keeps an accounting of what he says in public and private.

One night in October he caught wind that the Cardinal who was in charge of Asbury Park was having a weak moment, the Tremere struck while the iron was hot and most of Asbury Park burned for four days. Prince Blackwood being the most powerful kindred in the northeast he established himself in the midst of Sabbat territory.

Edward Blackwood

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